New updates and improvements to The KAM Club

  1. The KAM Club Open Office Hours: February 2024 Update


    Hey KAM Clubbers!


    Warwick here, dropping in with a quick update on what's happening in our community this month and my priorities for Q1.



    • Revamping Workshops: Making our existing workshops more valuable with fresh content, templates, and resources.
    • Growing the Community: Attracting new members to make the KAM Club even more thriving and engaging.
    • B2B Book Club is Back: Monthly summaries of business books, complete with downloadable resources.
    • Member-Driven Roadmap: Using the suggestion board to prioritize what you want to see next.
    • KAM Essentials Toolkit: Coming this quarter, packed with valuable resources for your business.
    • 500 Members by Year 5: Let's celebrate our community's growth together!


    Here's a closer look

    1. Fresher, More Valuable Workshops: Our workshops are getting an upgrade! Expect more course-driven content, improved templates, and helpful resources to make them even more valuable for you. We'll start with the most popular workshops based on your feedback.
    2. Growing the KAM Club Family: We're looking to expand our amazing community! Watch out for new marketing initiatives to attract more members. This means more ideas, more experts, and more resources for everyone. We're aiming for 500 members by our fifth birthday – let's make it happen!
    3. B2B Book Club is Back and Better: Get ready to dive into the world of business books again! The B2B book club is returning this month, featuring easy-to-digest summaries and downloadable companion worksheets. Keep your book knowledge sharp and stay ahead of the curve.
    4. Member-Driven Roadmap: Your voice matters! We're putting the power in your hands with our suggestion board. Share your ideas and priorities, and we'll use them to shape the future of the KAM Club.
    5. KAM Essentials Toolkit on the Way: This treasure trove of resources is coming soon! The KAM Essential Toolkit will be your one-stop shop for all things business-related. Get ready to level up your skills and knowledge.
    6. Stay Connected and Engaged: I'll keep you in the loop with monthly Q&A sessions, roadmaps, and feature updates. You can also leave comments, send emails, or drop me a message inside the KAM Club – I'm always happy to hear from you.


    Let's make this year amazing for the KAM Club!


    See you inside the community,